T2D 1

T2D 1.0 Trailer



Some of the new ores in terrablox2D 0.9.5

Terrablox2d is a two dimensional fangame made by 2DGroove, also known as Terrabloxian. It is still early in development, but it's website ( and a beta have already been released.


As of the latest version, 0.9.6:

  • Hostile mobs (zombies and skeletons)
  • Peaceful mobs ( Cows, pigs, birds, and terrabits)
  • Some of the blocks from the original Terrablox
  • Doors
  • Flat maps
  • Creative mode
  • World biomes (can be selected in flatmaps)
  • Respawning if player fall off the world
  • Stairs
  • Ladders
  • Other misc blocks (about 30)
  • Saplings (can spawn 4 different types of trees)
  • Ores spawn in stone
  • Terrain generator makes 6 different types of biomes
  • Random quotes appear on the menu screen


In v0.9.5 biomes were released!

There are 6 different types of biomes:

Forest, Jungle, Taiga, Mountain, Snow, and Desert!